Authentic, homemade pierogi shipped from Pittsburgh to your door!

Welcome to Polish!  We have been selling pierogies, stuffed cabbage, haluski, kielbasa, and many other Polish American foods on the internet since 2004.  We learned to make all these dishes in church basements and at Grandma’s house.  Although she is gone now, we are trying our best to preserve our heritage and traditions she brought with her to the United States.  This story is a familiar one to many of our customers and that’s why we started this business.

Our pierogi are delicious and completely different from the other ones you might find in the freezer section.  Our dough is soft and the fillings are plump. In the food we make, we don’t use fillers or preservatives and always use real butter and potatoes.  We stick to tried and true recipes made with good ingredients. Try our stuffed cabbage.  Each one is made by hand in small batches and then cooked all day in a tomato sauce.  Smacznego!

What are pierogies?

Pierogies are a type of dumpling made in many Eastern European countries.  Since we are Polish decedents, we say they are Polish but they are also made in Russia, the Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and everywhere in-between.  Unlike the Italian ravioli, pierogies are made with soft dough not pasta and are traditionally filled with mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, cabbage, cheese, or, on special occasions, fruit.  Once the pierogies are pinched, they are cooked and served with melted butter (so they don’t stick together), golden brown onions, sour cream and sometimes crumbled bacon.


Need a new fundraiser for school, band, church, team, or any non-profit in Pittsburgh? Do something different and local – sell pierogi! Everyone loves pierogies!

Having an event?

We can make more than just pierogi! Our catering services are affordable and delicious. Perfect for weddings, graduations, showers, corporate meetings or any event in Pittsburgh!